The Master Class

the master class

The Master Class Of How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

18-20 days of once in a lifetime extreme jungle expedition

September 19, 2016


I wonder if you are like me. Having a constant feeling of wanting an adventure, not those small adventures on a couple of days, or those adventures we call “adventure trips on training wheels”, something that is real.

Something that is out of the ordinary, explore something. Going on an old-time expedition. You want to do something that will separate you form the rest.

Sometimes you’re just stuck in life. Perhaps you’re thinking that you want a starting point for your new life. Do you lack energy and focus in your life? Joy is something you seldom feel? Work too much? Stressed out? No energy? You want to get out of this vicious circle, but have NO power?

With our Master Class you will be out in the hardest trek you’ll ever experience, you will find your inner demons, and your life will not be the same after.

We will find and explore virgin rainforest, this is the forest that never have been cut down or altered in any way, this is the way the jungle/rainforest looked like for thousands of years. Not many have actually seen the old-growth forest/virgin rainforest, not even people living nearby. This is a forest that doesn’t reveal itself for any unworthy, and this is not a joke. I have been with people(including myself in the beginning) who suffered from heat related illness, because of bad or poor preparations and acclimatisation procedures. Once we even had to abort the whole expedition. But with good and proper preparations and acclimatisation the virgin rainforest will reveal itself for you, and you will be one of VERY few people who have seen this forest. On top of this during the 18-20 days we will discuss and dial in what we call the 4 essential life goals;

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Train
  4. Ground

and one adventure.

Usually when we do our 4 essential life goals coaching we start with the 4 essential goals and end with your adventure. But on this Master Class you will work and discuss the 4 essential goals at the same time you’re exploring deep inside, a forgotten part of the Philippines they call, “the last wilderness”.

This is a perfect place and time for you to make a new and fresh start, recharge your batteries, and when you come home again you will see your life from a whole new perspective, and with massive energy and focus for the rest of your life.

My life haven’t been a straight line of joy and happiness, filled with energy and laser sharp focus, as I have today. But I have always had a deep urge for adventures. So these techniques I teach today is punched out  of my own life and experiences.

After many extended jungle treks deep into “the last wilderness” I have put together a scientific program on how to prepare, acclimatise, heat training, hydrate, rehydrate and what kind of supplements is best to use.

Apart from my life experiences these are other things I have done and studied:

  • Had my own Wing Chun Kung Fu Club for many years, Martial Art Institute, Master Wai-Po Tang
  • Gold Medalist of The Swedish National Full-Contact San-Shou Championship 2003
  • The Death March, Belgium, 100k within 24 h
  • Jungle Survival Training at Pamulaklakin Forest Trails, Philippines
  • Survived a jungle survival situation deep in the jungles of the Philippines
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, The Health Sciences Academy ®
  • Girevoy Sport/Fitness Coach for RGSI, The Russian Girevoy Sport Institute
  • Several Expeditions deep into “the last wilderness” of the Philippines
  • SEALFIT Basic Training Course, Class 2 graduate, Encinitas, CA, USA
  • Chief Adventure Officer at the extreme adventure company, The Path Adventures
  • Level 5 RGSI, Girevoy Sport Coach of Highest Degree
  • SEALFIT 20X Challenge, Vail Lake, CA, USA

Before I dropped out of college where I studied Classical Greek. Ive had about 20 different jobs, which I have never really felt that this is what I want to do, one of them being a Butler. I gained a lot of weight by eating crap. At one job where I was working night I started to sleep less and less. I was a climber in my youth, but grown up life didn’t give any from for that. I was well acquainted with the grounding part since I started out with Transcendental Meditation at the age of 16, and had to quit that since I got involved in a fundamentalist church. Married very young and divorced 19 years later. But one of the most life scattering experiences I’ve had was when I ended up in a jungle survival situation in “the last wilderness” of the Philippines. I was lost for 48h, and I can tell you that during those 48h I contemplated my life, death and stupidity, over and over again.

I started to pull all my experiences together, and started to see a pattern. I started to read and study a lot. After a while I recognised the 4 essential life goals and started to live by them. Without these 4 essential life goals being optimised you will never ever be able to work on a high level.

Today I am more harmonious, having so much more joy in my life and have massive energy and focus. Because of this I can handle the everyday life so much better, and living my dream. Let me help you live your dream.

By joining us on our Master Class, you will get a life transforming once in a lifetime adventure, not only will you get to see and explore a forgotten part of the Philippines, you will also work with and discuss the 4 essential life goals. You will learn and enjoy getting out of your comfort zone.

We start early in the morning in our Land Rovers, leaving the noise of Manila behind. We are heading for Ilagan, which is located in the province of Isabela on the island of Luzon. A journey of about 400km. In Ilagan we will stay in a hotel.

The next day we will visit the CROC project they work with reintroducing the Philippine crocodile, the world’s most critically endangered crocodile species.

Next day the Land Rover will take us as far as it goes, to logger’s point, there we will start the trek towards Divilacan. We have now entered the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park(NSMNP)

We will trek for 6-7 days, from secondary jungle to ultra basic forest down to lowland dipterocarp rainforest, and even parts  of old-growth rainforest. When we reach secondary jungle again, we know we are not that far from Divilacan.

In Divilacan, which is the first village we will stay in, we will stay in an Agta village. We will visit mangrove swamps, swim in the coral reefs, and hopefully we will get a glimpse of the Philippine crocodile, when we go out with a boat during night time with a flash light.

Since this area of the Philippines is called “the last wilderness”, we want to point out that the animals are wild and nothing is staged. Therefore we cannot guarantee any wildlife encounters.

But in the jungle we will be able to see the Philippine eagle, the Philippine Macaque monkey, hornbills, deers, boars, wild chickens and monitor lizards amongst many others.

And on the coastal area out on the pacific we might see dolphins, sea turtles, sperm whales, humpback whales, colourful coral fishes, salt water crocodiles and dugong amongst many others.

We will even see when the flying foxes fly out for hunting at sunset.

The next trekking part is about 5-6 days long, and we are heading for Palanan. We’ll mainly walk through low-land dipterocarp rainforest. If we have the time we will stay one extra day inside the old-growth rainforest for your own personal exploration and pleasure.

Palanan is the largest village in this coastal area, and we will stay in home stays, to recharge.

We will visit Palanan Forestal Dynamic Plot, a scientific research station in the tropical rainforest of the Philippines.

After two days of recharging our batteries and exploring the area we will together go by banca down to Dinapigue, and the day after we will go down to Manila.

This expedition is extremely hard. You will have to be both physically and mentally prepared.

A normal day during our trek will look like this:

  • We will leave the camp around 0700-0800 in the morning
  • We will then walk until 1200-1300 when we will have a break for lunch, for an hour.
  • At around 1500 we will start looking out for a place to set camp for the night.
  • At 1800 someone turn off the light, and it gets pitch black.

Throughout the day we will have small pauses. we try to walk 50min and then pause for 10min. But whenever you want to take picture we will stop, of course.

When ever you go you will be wet, either from sweat or rain, but you will be wet. So as soon as you start like being wet you will have a really great time in the jungle.

This expedition is for you who want to explore the jungle and see the virgin old-growth rainforest, and not only see it on tv.

For you who want a “real” adventure.

virgin rainforest jungle adventures

This expedition is physically and mentally hard if you are not accustomed with the jungle and the humidity.

Not many people today have actually been inside old-growth rainforest. Because there is no easy entrance to it. You will have to at least trek for two days until you have reached the areas.

My experience is that there is a limit for the illegal loggers, they wont go more than two days into the forest.

So an area of two days around every road and river have been logged out already, thats why you have to spend some time in the jungle to actually see the old-growth forest. Don’t forget that in most of these areas around the tropics, all the infrastructure is these areas are built by logging companies

We do not use carriers, we carry our own backpacks, and sleep in hammocks or tents.

We do not want to make a heavy impact on the rain forest, therefore we have limited the maximum number of expedition participants to 7

In the jungle we will carry our own portable gas stove, which we cook on.

By living and eating at locally owned places, we support the area’s development.

You will need to obtain a visa for the Philippines depending on what country you come from, and how long you will stay.

Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis is recommended

Your backpack will be weighted before we leave for the jungle expedition and you will not be allowed for your own sake to bring more than 15kg

We wish to point out that this is a real adventure and it is extremely physically and mentally demanding.

Because of the expedition’s nature, nothing is 100%. We are moving into one of the most typhoon-affected countries in the world. We will do everything we can to keep the schedule.

Although we do not believe that the expedition is dangerous, there are risks in staying so far from civilization.


  1. Going from Manila to Ilagan
  2. Visiting San Mariano/Croc watch
  3. Trekking to Divilacan
  4. Trekking
  5. Trekking
  6. Trekking
  7. Trekking
  8. Trekking
  9. Trekking/ arrives in Divilacan
  10. Visiting Agta village
  11. Free day
  12. Going with Agtas to the ocean
  13. Trekking to Palanan
  14. Trekking
  15. Trekking
  16. Trekking
  17. Trekking/ arriving in Palanan
  18. Free day in Palanan
  19. Going by boat to Dinapigue
  20. Dinapigue to Manila

Include: Food and drink/water, all accommodation, all traveling from and back to Manila, tips related to food, travel and accommodation

Doesn’t include: International flights to and from the Philippines, visa, accommodation before pick-up in Manila, accommodation after drop-off in Manila

This is a very exclusive and special adventure travel.

We do NOT offer castrated culture trips, trips where you will experience “staged” culture, i.e. a culture that is made out of what YOU want to see, not their real life. This is an area that is not yet exploited. An area most Filipinos don’t know about.

You will also sign a contract with us during the whole 4 Essential Life Goals Recharge Adventure. Even though we do not think this is a dangerous trip, things can happen that is out of our reach. You will of course read the contract before you pay anything.

If you have read it this far chances are that you are the one having the urge for a “real” adventure and making this the starting point of your new life, with massive energy and focus for the rest of your life. When I found my why, my mission here in life, I wanted to help and inspire people to live their life to the fullest. This is the reason I give this to you. I also give this to you because I believe that if you’re exposed to the people and their life situations you will start to change the way you think and buy, and start to realise that our cheap stuff has to come from somewhere and effect people. Especially when you have seen the virgin/old-growth rainforest.

This trip will only be made twice a year, May and September, this is because these are the safest two periods, due to rainy and typhoon seasons, for this region in the Philippines. The groups cannot be larger than 4. That is because the jungle is a fragile place and we will not make a big impact on the jungle, small groups lesser impact. So as you can see both the trips and the number of adventurer will be heavily limited, so grab your seat before its too late.
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Would you like to talk to one of our adventure specialists about The Master Class?

As a bonus I will add all of this:

The 4 Essential Life Goals report [GRAPHIC]

The ebook Preparations For A Long Journey [GRAPHIC]

The Path Out Of Your Comfort Zone [GRAPHIC]

LifeStraw, a water purification unit that will make it possible for you to drink the water on the spot. You will get this when we pick you up in Manila. [GRAPHIC]

1 month of 4 Essential Life Goals Coaching Program. [GRAPHIC]

1 month of Extreme Adventure Prep OnLine Consultation Program

1 month of Multigenics, you will receive this when we pick you up in Manila. [GRAPHIC]

1 month of UltraPotent C, you will receive this when we pick you up in Manila. [GRAPHIC]

Water purification tablets, for the whole expedition. [GRAPHIC]

ORS, Oral Rehydration Salt, you will get one each day to re-establish your electrolytes. [GRAPHIC]

Borrow a hammock if you don’t have your own.

Start your new life with an adventure, and end up with massive energy and focus for the rest of your life, how about that? Click the register button below and start to pack and plan for this life changing expedition.

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Would you like to talk to one of our adventure specialists about The 4 Essential Life Goals Recharge Adventure?

The 4 Essential Life Goals

These travels are not for everyone!

The Path Adventures design’s extreme jungle adventures into the rainforests of the Philippines.

We will bring you on one of the last few non staged once in a lifetime jungle expeditions, through virgin rainforest.

The Path Adventures is the only adventure company in the Philippines that will bring you this much adventure in a hidden and forgotten part of the Philippines.

Because of the fragile nature, we will never have large groups nor will we have many expeditions through out the year. So you who have made the expeditions with us and you who will, are all unique and exclusive.

Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park

  • Today the tropics are suffering severely from both legal and illegal logging. And scientist today says that it takes about 700 years for an area of old-growth rainforest to grow back as it were after being logged out.
  • The longest mountain range in the Philippines is the Sierra Madre it goes from south of Manila all the way on the east coast up to the northern tip of Luzon.
  • About 400km north of Manila, in the province of Isabela lies The Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, NSMNP.
  • This is the largest protected wilderness area in the whole Philippines, it is also the largest area of old-growth rainforest left in the Philippines.
  • This is the home of critically endangered species of animals such as; the Philippine eagle aka the monkey eating eagle, this is the worlds largest eagle. The golden crowned flying fox, Philippine eagle-owl, Isabela oriole and the philippine crocodile.
  • This is also a forgotten place for the Filipinos, not many know about the treasures inside the forest.
  • In 2006 UNESCO declared the NSMNP as a world heritage.
Different Kind Of Forests In NSMNP
Different Kind Of Forests In NSMNP


  • Rainfall is more or less. It rains more than 180 days a year.
  • The average annual rainfall varies from 2000mm at lower elevation to 4000mm in the mountains.
  • The mean annual temperature is from 27-29 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity is fluctuating between 85% and 89%
Climate of NSMNP
Climate of NSMNP

The Agtas

  • Agta, Dumagat or Aeta is just different names of the Philippines first settlers. These are the oldest indigenous people in this country.
  • Scientist’s believe the Agtas walked over to the Philippines during the time there were land-bridges, preceding the Austronesian migration.
  • The Agtas are the people of the forest in NSMNP, and that’s why we use them as guides.
  • We are visiting the Agtas in their real life and on their conditions.
  • We do not devote ourselves to exotism, like other tour operators do.
  • This is the real stuff, nothing is staged.



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