The Path Adventures

The Path, is your way thru life. Your path is different from my path. My path contains of different cultures and places I have visited and want to visit, things I have done and want to do, just like your path. Discover your way is more to emphasis that you have to discover your own way/path.

The easiest and fastest way, according to us is to optimise your life thru the 4 essential life goals:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Train
  4. Ground

and 1 adventure

The Path Adventures is still, just as in the beginning of 2007, the only extreme adventure company, in The Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, and we are also the only company in the whole Philippines that offers extreme jungle treks deep into “the last wilderness”, this is the largest area of virgin/old-growth rainforest left in the Philippines.